Institutions: BANEA.. British Association of Near East Archaeology


Membership of BANEA is open to anyone who is interested in the archaeology, languages and history of the Ancient Near East. The Association exists to bring together professionals and non-professionals with similar interests, to distribute and exchange information about recent developments in the field, and to make such information available to a wider public.

These aims are achieved by various means. An annual newsletter, which will generally contain brief reports on current British fieldwork in the region, information on universities and museums with relevant departments, news about exhibitions, new books, research in progress and grants, is distributed to all members.

A conference open to all members is also held every year and takes place in a different university or institution each time. See details of the Reading University BANEA Conference in January 2014.

Membership of BANEA also entitles you to membership of one of the Regional Groups which organise their own programmes of lectures and events.

Source: BANEA


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