Chicago Ron organizes metal detecting rally in ancient Syrian city of Palmyra


Rogue metal detecting rally organizer Chicago Ron, known for organizing metal detecting trips for overly enthusiastic American treasure hunters willing to pay big bucks to plunder world heritage sites, has now given confirmation for an exclusive dig at the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria.

Chicago Ron’s activities have recently come under fire after upsetting indignant Brits all over the United Kingdom by stealing long standing permissions from locals and dragging sacks of English antiquities back to America. He has yet again come under scrutiny via social media sites with many claiming the Palmyra rally due to take place is another ‘dodgy permission’. Others claim that Chicago Ron made a deal with Isis militants before their invasion of the city on the condition that all finds pre-dating Islam are removed, never mentioned and certainly not handed in to any finds liaison officers to go through a process of recording.

The land, which Ron claims is completely virgin undetected ground, has several dozen acres of goat grazing pasture and 8000 acres of rough opium poppy stubble packed with goodies. The area is steeped in ancient history and Ron guarantees attendants won’t go home empty handed.

Isis militants have not held back in taking full credit for arranging the dig and taking a percentage cut of all finds. They have also posted a new video of themselves destroying Syrian artifacts in a bid to encourage detectorists to get over to the dig as it will be the last chance to detect there before all Syrian heritage is destroyed.

Ron denies the dig is dangerous, but  refuses to take any responsibility for any injuries incurred and advises all attending the dig to take care of their own insurance. For further information regarding dig details Americans should contact Ron directly, while UK residents wishing to attend should contact Anjem Choudary, who is taking care of Isis dig administration in Europe.

Source: The Daily Detectorist


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